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For the best experience, make sure you add My Time Circuits to your home screen.

Begin using My Time Circuits by turning your phone to landscape (not yet, though...keep reading).

Once your phone is turned to landscape, click "Time Circuits On."

You will see the familiar display for the time circuits along with 4 icons:
Open the keypad for destination time entry.
Engage the flux capacitor and travel through time.
Return to the present time.
Change various time circuits settings.

Remember, the top display tells you where you're going. The middle display tells you where you are. And, the bottom display tells you where you were.

When entering your destination time, make sure you enter it in the format of MM DD YYYY hh mm.

MM : 2-digit month
DD : 2-digit day
YYYY : 4-digit year
hh : 2-digit hour in 24-hour format
mm : 2-digit minute

To time travel to November 12, 1955 at 10:04 pm, enter the following into the keypad:

After entering your destination time on the keypad, press the button to the far lower left to lock it in.
Then, press the flux capacitor to travel through time!
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